#StandforLIFE is an innovative non-profit using the personal narrative to transform how our culture perceives the value of every life.


#StandforLIFE shares stories of human dignity, starting with the womb and continuing through every stage of life. These impactful stories are being read and engaged with all over the world.

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If you change the conversation, you change the culture.


It’s time to change how our culture approaches the life issue. Join #StandforLIFE as we engage with millennials in the way they most deeply resonate with: the personal narrative and in the place they reside most: social media.

The beginnings.

#StandforLIFE started on August 8, 2015 after months of watching the undercover videos depicting the horrors occurring daily at Planned Parenthood. Jess Barfield, a Dallas-based photographer, was convicted to act in some way, but didn’t know how to speak about the value of life in a kind, effective way to her community. In a way that only God can do, He spoke boldly to Jess and a group of fellow photographers, designers and artists.

On August 8, 2015, Jess posted an image of herself and her newborn son on social media with what is now the #StandforLIFE filter. Within three days, over 30,000 images with the LIFE filter were shared all over the world. People began sharing their personal experiences about the value of every life and #StandforLIFE was formed.

After 20 months in operation, #StandforLIFE more fully understands the distinct millennial void in the pro-life movement. We envision a clear path towards strong millennial involvement using innovative social media outreach, social justice messaging, and bold marketing techniques.

Every life is beautiful. Every life is valuable.

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Stand with us, and Stand for LIFE.